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Chizarira National ParkKaswiswi Bush campMucheni River

Chizarira National Park is situated on the Zambezi escarpment in the north/west part of Zimbabwe, overlooking the great Zambezi Valley and the upper waters of Lake Kariba. A remote area of 192 000 hectares of wilderness country with magnificent gorges, plateau and floodplains, this National Park is unique and in a class of its own.
The area is relatively undeveloped and road conditions are rough within the park.
Backpacking wilderness trails, escorted by an experienced and armed Officer of the Department, are run during the dry season within Chizarira.
The trails are not readily available, but with prior arrangement at station level it can be arranged, ranging from a few hours duration to a few days depending on visitors' needs.
An armed Game Scout can be made available to escort visitors on daytime walks within the park.
It should be noted that unaccompanied walking by visitors is not permitted.
There are six exclusive camping sites established at present, each of which is limited to one party of a maximum of 12 persons. We visit a few of these sites.
Kaswiswi Bush camp is situated on the upper reaches of the Luizilukulu River, 6-km from the park headquarters. This camp has the best facilities.
Facilities consist of two sleeping shelters; one dining shelter with concrete table and benches plus a braai/cooking place.
The camp also boasts an ablution block with flush toilet, shower and a kitchen area, all with hot water.
Please note that water may not be available during the dry season.
Mobola Bush Camp is situated on the Mucheni River below the Manzituba Spring, 6-km from the park's headquarters.
No shelters have been constructed at this camp as yet, and the only facilities are concrete table and bench.
An ablution block with flush toilet, shower and basin and kitchen area, all with hot water, now exist at Mabola.
Water is pumped from the perennial Mucheni River, which is close by, into a header tank.
The Mucheni View campsite is situated on the verge of the escarpment overlooking the Valley and in the distance, Lake Kariba.
The camp is 4-km from Park's headquarters with minimum development, comprising of a braai stand/cooking place, a shade and a toilet.
Please note that there is no water at this camp.
Other campsites are: Mucheni Gorge Camp Site, Kaswiswi 2 Camp site and Busi Bush Camp which is 35-km from the parks Headquarters.

Chizarira lodge

Chizarira lodgeChizarira lodgeChizarira lodge

Chizarira lodge has been build on the top of a 3-km long escarpment with breath-taking views of the Zambezi Valley stretching out below. Directly below the complex is a fresh water spring where many species of game and birds can be seen. Chizarira is one of the last big game strongholds in Africa, and the emphasis at the lodge is on walking safaris and experiencing the beauty of this natural wilderness area.

The 8 twin-bed chalets have been build out of local stone, timber and thatch, which have been designed to blend into the environment. Each chalet has an unrestricted view of the valley below. Each one has an en suite shower and toilet. The lodge has a spacious central dining/lounge area where guests dine on sumptuous meals prepared by the resident chef. Visitors may cool off in the swimming pool alongside the lounge area.